Stintino is a small and ancient fishing village, located in the extreme north-west of Sardinia, overlooking the enchanting Mediterranean Gulf, marked by its white and sandy beaches and turquoise-blue sea which remain shallow for a long way out, in particular the beach of ‘Le Pelosa’ popular amongst tourist and Italians alike, a small piece of Paradise. From ‘Le Pelosa’ immediately facing a second smaller beach called La Pelosetta which is the island within walking distance housing the famous ‘Aragonese tower’ (adorning many a postcard), built in 1578 and translated to mean ‘Tower of the Hairy’, and the Isola Piana, as the main island, an 18 metre high Spanish tower, built in the sixteenth century and restored in 1931.

Other popular beaches not far from Stintino on the east coast are those of Le Saline, Il Gabbiano, L’Ancora, Ezzi Mannu, Pazzona e Punta Negra. The Western coast on the other hand having beautiful cliffs with amazing views of the coast, some rocky coves the likes of ‘Coscia di Donna’ and ‘Cala del Vapore’. The village of Stintino is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. Stintino is regarded as a kind of paradise for its natural beauty, all part of its charm and reason for its popularity as a mini-tourist destination, with restaurants with delicious typical Sardinian dishes, cafes, bars and a convenient shuttle service available every half an hour, stopping at all the beautiful beaches nearby in the area. Stintino also has the likes of wind surf schools in the area to partake in water sports.