An introduction to Sardinia

Sardinia is an Island full of charm and charisma, a location far away from the rest of the world singled out for both its seclusion and inherent beauty, from its rolling hills of green, to its meadows of violet and yellow flowers, the scent of its distinctive native Macchia spreading throughout the countryside giving one a sense of peace and belonging from the very first breath. The sun which rises in the east each morning with sunrises set upon colours of violet and blue and spreads its long arm across the width and span of the island, warming and working its way over the distinctive Mediterranean sea of the bluest blue touching the golden many sands of this small Island of paradise and calm, as the fishermen prepare their boats in the time old custom of centuries old to provide the fresh catches of the day for the markets and locals alike. The glorious warm sun continues its rise, working its way over the distinctive rocks forming many faces and shapes resembling all manner of creatures medieval and modern, working its way over the green Rolling Meadows, the olive groves, vineyards which provide the island with the famous rich olive oil and white and red wines.

The sun continuing its journey inland passing over the historic and centuries old nuragages, burial sites and ancient villages with a proud history as old as any other in any other part of ancient Europe, with much a story to tell, passing fruit trees of green, yellow, and red. Sheep and goats with bells wake for the day as a Shepard tends his flock, soon to take their milk for the basis of the flavorous rich cheeses to welcome palates far and wide. The sun rising high over the mountain passes and inland lakes, up into the mountains in the central island where the view is one to leave you silent and your breath away as your mind wanders to catch up with the beauty that nature has chosen to lay out before you, making no secret of the reason behind the longevity of the lucky inhabitants of such an island of natural grace and charm. This is our Sardinia, this is the location we welcome you to enjoy, to relax in and let the worries of the world stand at bay for a time, a place where centuries old customs have remained firm, where the pace of life is slow and enduring, where sand, the beaches, the food, the warmth, the unique atmosphere can be one to foster such emotions of peace and calm to enliven your spirit and leave you energized with memories to last you a life time, or until you return again for your own peace of calm, your own piece of Sardinia ‘Italy’s Holiday Island – this is our Sardinia and our view and we welcome you here, we will help you to enjoy all that Sardinia has to offer from the very first moment you contact us, with our expert knowledge coined with our desire to give you all that you deserve from this beautiful Island we will help match your image of the perfect holiday to a reality from start to finish.

Sardinia with its crystal clear water, sandy and shallow beaches, restaurants and cafes, nature and wildlife, laid back pace of life it is the perfect place for that unforgettable family holiday, romantic getaway, outdoors enthusiast and general historian. An Island full of wonder and possibility with a little for everyone.